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We are planning for the 2021 Expo at the
Hilton Garden Inn Downtown in Sioux Falls, SD!
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FUTURE VISION: 2021/2022
This visually stunning and idea inspiring CEU highlights the labor of love that is the future of design. The conversations, research, and animated debates about emerging trends are invigorating and fun. Our global context for the future has been upended and with it we have created a new context and clarity around colors, textures and patterns that people are craving. Join us as we navigate the haze of uncertainty and look into the future.

There is a new word being spoken in small businesses, boardrooms, within teams, in schools, and even communities … that word is BELONGING.

It’s been a year (or more) where we experienced physical separation due to a global health crisis, were forced to adapt to new organizational ‘normalcy’, and lived through social unrest in the midst of a divisive political environment. It’s no wonder what people want most is to belong and be part of something bigger than themselves.

The fact is… we miss our people. We miss connection. We miss the spaces we used to gather in. It’s time to ‘get the band back together’, wouldn’t you agree?

In this engaging session, Lisa invites you to take a closer look at what it means to belong, explore what’s possible when people feel like they belong, and realize the importance of your work when creating spaces that make belonging possible. But this session won’t be all talk… Lisa with give you the tools, time and space to be part of creating an experience of true belonging.


Save the Date!
MINNECON happens on October 12, 2021!

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