Account Coordinator – Interstate Office Products (I-O-P) 228 South Main Ave Sioux Falls, SD 57104 (**Position Filled August 1, 2018**)

Maximize productivity of account managers by assisting in the sales process, processing orders and
providing customer service.


Primary Duties:
 Create quotes for customers under specification direction from account manager.
 Create quote copy, check contract pricing, and check for correct finishes
 Type up proposals of freeform line items from quotes from various vendors
 Apply finishes to quote after client has finalized
 Update proposal after designer has done plan check, checking quantity and part changes
 Coordinate customer orders and projects from quote to completion.
 Confirm ship dates, addresses, contacts, and special instructions for delivery
 Coordinate with client and account manager to confirm project scheduling
 Compile installation plans, renderings, and instructions in advance of install, and confirm plans
with installation crew and account manager
 Project support:
 Assist account manager in product selection on niche products using Marketplace, My Resource
Library, and other product sourcing methods.
 Pull cut sheets, brochures, finish cards, etc. for client meetings
 Submit requests for specials to vendors
 Coordinate IOP demo products – delivery, pick‐up, and showroom tagging
 Punchlist:
 Capture information from installation work crew
 Process orders for replacement products and coordinate with installation for return trip to correct
 Follow‐up with client and account manager on the problem and timeline for correcting the issue
 Vendor Management:
 Capture and maintain discounts sheets & line lists for all vendors
 Check pricing for specific products, check stock & get freight quotes
 Assist in RFP responses: assemble PDF brochures and warranty information (electronic & hard copy),
vendor requests, print, and compile for submittal
 Set‐up customer accounts by securing credit application, customer details, etc.


Secondary Duties:
 Maintain product and finish library.
 Catalog Steelcase support materials, including finish samples and brochures
 Organize and file vendor mailings and samples
 Purge outdated materials
 Oversee the furniture showroom.
 Update tagging and signage with current pricing
 Create and maintain templates for all items, including owned employee stations, to capture what
is being shown even if price is not listed on the station
 Update tagging and signage on clearance and non‐inventoried showroom products
 Assist in organization and planning of special events and training.
 Back up furniture purchasing.

The above duties may be supplemented with additional duties as assigned.

Formal Education or Equivalent Experience
 College or 3 years work experience in similar field

Job Prerequisites
 Strong math aptitude
 Experience with sales or administrative assistant specific duties
 Relevant industry experience desirable
Special Training or Skills Needed
 Excellent phone and computer skills
 Strong interpersonal skills
 Ability to work independently
 Some project management involvement
 Ability to read blue prints
 Assertiveness
 Computer skills
 Excellent organizational skills
 Good written and spoken communication skills
 Willingness to learn and cooperative spirit
 Professional appearance

If interested in applying, please contact:

Kristi Christensen  | Vice President of Sales & Design | Interstate Office Products | 228 South Main Avenue, Sioux Falls, SD 57104 | 605.339.0300 Main | 605.275.3131 Direct | |

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