Past SDID Presidents


2017 Dallas Willman

2016 Kay Schwartz

2015 Van Singrey

2014 Michelle Rippentrop

2013 Glenda Schmid

2012 Jill Peltier

2011 Renee Henderson

2010 Dana Sandene

2009 Marcia Young

2008 Amy Hennen

2007 Melissa Nelson

2006 Jessica Roob

2005 Sherry Long

2004 Nichole Johnson

2003 Kim Ducommun

2002 Darla Jacobson

2001 Verlyn Larsen

2000 Kristi Christensen

1999 Kelli Mitzel

1998 Jill Peltier

1997 Patti Abdallah

1996 Lenae Liddiard

1995 Lenae Liddiard

1994 Elise Whitwam

1993 Paula Kruetzfeldt

1992 Laura Hosman


Laura Hosman Professionalism Award Recipients


2015 Alanna Eggers

2014 Kay Schwartz

2013 Van Singrey

2012 Kim Ducommun

2011 Karen Mutschelknaus

2010 Jill Peltier

2009 Kelli Mitzel

2008 Marcia Young

2007 Amy Hennen

2006 Darla Jacobson

2005 Teena Hogan

2004 Jessica Roob

2003 Glenda Schmid

2002 Verlyn Larsen

2001 Kristi Christensen

2000 Lenae Liddiard

1999 Laura Hosman



In the year 1999, South Dakota Interior Designers created an award to be presented to an outstanding individual who puts forth extra time and effort in making SDID and its activities successful. Nominated by her colleagues, Laura Hosman was the first recipient of this award.

With Laura’s passing, SDID changed the name of this award to the Laura Hosman Professionalism Award. Laura embodied the energy and spirit behind this award that was so appropriately renamed in her honor. She was also a founder of the South Dakota Interior Designers and led the organization, in all aspects, with her knowledge and leadership skills.